1. Every time I try to log in, I get “There was an error signing in, please try again.” and cannot find any solution

  2. Hi , I used to work in the Stratford upon Avon store with the Home delivery department. I am no longer an employee with you.
    I would like to retrieve my last
    ten wage slips so I can produce them to the inland revenue. Could you please help me?
    Kind regards Georgina O’Carroll

  3. I no longer work at Morrisons, I am trying to figure out how to get my last mymorri payslip that I worked .. Please let me know how I can do that .. Thank you
    Mohammad Parry

  4. Can someone please tell me how to get my morrisons pay slips so I can print it. I’m having issues with 2 step verification and every line I try to call for support is completely useless. I am a current associate.

    1. You need to contact your HR department at the Morrisons to register your account at the my morri portal.

  5. I am not able to login into mymorri. I click on sign in with Google nothing happens got back to same home login page

  6. I have been trying to access my payslips from Nov and Dec but have not been able to. I need them for a training program through AARP and have gotten no help from my HR or any management member at the morrisons store I worked at.

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